Standing Room Only 6-2-14

Good morning, all!

Yes, the Blackhawks lost, but the mourning must stop…and Matt and I will cover everything from the sports world!

We’ll recap the Conference Finals for both the NBA and NHL, and preview each sport’s final. Plus, where things went wrong for the Blackhawks and Canadiens…and Thunder and Pacers.

Baseball will be covered too, with the Red Sox on a hot streak, can they keep it up? Not to mention, we are past the quarter-mark of the season, so what are some trends!

We’ll also talk golf, french open, World Cup, and more!

Join us from 8-10pm CST on WRLR…


Jabari Parker Made the Right Call in Going to NBA

In 2012, as Jabari Parker was ascending to his throne of “Best High School basketball player since LeBron” during his senior year at Simeon Career Academy, I wondered what how high he could really soar. I.e. what was his ceiling going to be? As spectators, we couldn’t know right away. The restrictions on the NBA draft limited his eligibility. He was still in high school, after all. Continue reading