Look Ahead

I happened to come across this video today as I perused about facebook.

Don’t get me wrong, this is very well put together. But, it’s also everything wrong with this city; stop living in past sports-related success. Jordan and Payton are gone, Sammy cheated, the ’05 Sox aren’t coming back, and nobody cares about the old Hawks.
All that stuff was great. Was. It means next to nothing now. Start getting excited about the young Cubs, Chris Sale, Captain Serious, Jay Cutler, and Derrick coming back. What’s done is done, and too many sports fans try to compare old to new. Highlights are great, but they belong in the history section.


Royal Comeback

Don’t look now, but the Kansas City Royals are making their postseason push. On June 1st, the Royals were 26-30, and sitting in last place in the American League’s Central Division. Since then, however, they are 37-23 and just a half game out of first, behind the Detroit Tigers. So why the sudden change? For one, winning streaks of ten and seven games will always help. And not to mention, playing in the incredibly inept Central Division is always good for 30+ wins. But there has to be something more, right? A big trade, perhaps? Maybe an overachieving summer call-up? Why are the Kansas City Royals still playing good baseball late in the season? Don’t they know the playoffs are approaching?

Look, please don’t take the above questions as being rhetorical or facetious. I genuinely am curious as to what is making this constantly underachieving ball club click. Continue reading

Patience is a Virtue

After highly lauded prospect Javier Baez was called up from Triple-A Iowa on Monday, Baez Mania was put into full force on the North Side of Chicago.

It was another nice reward for those who have been patient in their fandom. When Theo Epstein, current President of Baseball Operations, was introduced in October of 2011, he knew there was much work to be done. He had this to say during that press conference:

“We’re going to build the best baseball operation we can. We’re going to change the culture. Our players are going to change the culture along with us in the major league clubhouse. We’re going to make building a foundation for sustained success a priority. That will lead to playing October baseball more often than not. Once you get in in October there’s a legitimate chance to win the World Series.”

For almost three complete seasons, Epstein and the Cubs have followed their self-made plans. Get rid of the absurd contracts, obtain top prospects (whether by draft or by trade), build the minor league system to be above all in the Major Leagues, and eventually bring up those prospects to the Big Club. Many Cubs fans are aware and understanding when it comes to this process. Others, however, are unapologetically impatient. Sure, I bet it gets annoying to know that the team you have stood behind your entire life is going to be unimportant year after year. At some point, though, there has to be a reward. Continue reading

Team USA Faces First Hurdle

Last Friday night, USA Basketball put on a scrimmage in Las Vegas. The twenty players on the current Team USA roster were split into two squads, and matched up against each other. It was similar to an all-star game atmosphere. In a game where there as much fun to be had, and basketball to be learned, the only outcome turned to be a negative one. Indiana Pacers star small forward, Paul George, suffered a gruesome leg injury when he landed awkwardly on the base of the basket, after chasing down the opposing James Harden. At first, it did not seem as though he was greatly injured. Replays showed, however, that his leg wrenched just above the ankle, causing a ghastly image and complete fracture. Director of USA Basketball Jerry Colangelo, at the time, had stated, “Everyone saw what we saw, but that’s for the medical team to decide, determine, and then make the announcement about what it is and what’s going to take place.” Ultimately, it has been determined that George will miss the entire 2014-2015 NBA season, causing some distress in the minds of owners, coaches, teammates, and fans alike. Continue reading

There’s No Place Like Home

Just after Noon Eastern Time on Friday, July 11th, Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert received a telephone call from Rich Paul, the agent to LeBron James. The call was short and sweet; Paul simply said, “Dan, congratulations. LeBron is coming home”. What soon followed was a si.com exclusive story, in which LeBron and Lee Jenkins wrote a story detailing the superstar’s decision to leave Miami. Ten days after the beginning of free agency, and right in the middle of “Free Slurpee Day”, James dropped a bomb on us all. The King is returning home to his castle, eager to reign supreme. Continue reading