Matt Rosenberg

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My name is Matt Rosenberg and I am the co-host of Standing Room Only. I have a background in Communications-Media Studies. I graduated from NIU in 2011 and am right on track to complete my mission of being the second most successful graduate in NIU history after Dan Castellaneta (Homer Simpson). Like Ashton, sports are my passion and ever since I taught myself to read the sports scores at the age of 2.

I have been around the sports scene all my life either as a player, referee, umpire or coach. I am a diehard sports fan and loved listening to all sports talk shows growing up. Currently, I cover the Chicago Blackhawks for In addition, I have enjoyed my time as an intern on Sports Corner on WRLR 98.3 FM.

I am the “untraditional” sports guy as I did not have radio experience in college. You can read posts about all sports here or listen to our show.


Enjoy our site!


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