Ashton Rotman



My name is Ashton Rotman. I’m a broadcast professional working towards a career in the field of sports media. I am a graduate of the Illinois Center for Broadcasting,  having earned a degree in radio broadcasting and production. In the past I attended Bowling Green State University to study sports management and journalism, and am a proud BGSU Falcons football/hockey fan (along with all University of Louisville Athletics). Sports are my passion, and I love to share my thoughts about anything and everything having to do with sports with others. If you don’t quite understand how passionate I am about sports, you can follow me on twitter. I also love sarcasm. Pairing sports and sarcasm has become somewhat of a niche for me, so much so that I have decided that I want to be a sports talk host on the radio. You can thank these guys for that.

Whether it be on-air talent, production, social media, or writing, my passion for sports and this industry, plus my work ethic, will make me successful and reliable.

Here, you’ll be able to read my posts, listen to some of my work on the air, and hopefully find me entertaining.

I hope you enjoy.

Ashton Rotman


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