SRO 7-7

Good morning, friends!

After a fun, sports-filled 4th of July weekend, Matt and I are back at it tonight from 8-10 breaking down what happened and what we think about it.

We’ll start off with our guests for tonight: Rusty Silber joins around 8:20 to talk about the World Cup, and what USA should expect in the future. Geoff Discher, will talk around 9:20 from Minnesota about the upcoming MLB All-Star game and festivities, plus a random topic here or there. And, we expect to talk with Aaron Parker at some point to discuss the ridiculously crazy NBA offseason.

Around all that, we’ll be talking about those MLB All-Star rosters, possible home run derby candidates, and Abreu vs. Tanaka.

Plus, the NHL free agency period started off with an unbelievable pace…but, it hasn’t been exciting since July 1. A discussion of trades and free agency will ensue. Also, the difference in free agency periods will be debated.

A historic Wimbledon final will be discussed, plus some other World Cup talk, and what 4th of July means to sports fans (hint: think Sandlot).

We hope you join us!


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