SRO 6-23

Good morning!

Matt is back tonight, and with that SRO will be off and running in the “Summer of Sport”. We’ve got a packed show tonight, so make sure to tune in!

Topics today include:
-MLB: Streaking Royals lose division lead after 10 game win streak snapped, Alex Torres is the first player to wear new protective cap in game, Clayton Kershaw no hitter, tight NL East, AL East and NL Central. Is it time to take the Milwaukee Brewers for real?

-NHL: LA wins cup, NHL draft this Friday, Will Kesler and Spezza get traded? What else to expect at the draft?

-NBA: Spurs beat the Heat, Melo opts out, Will Kevin Love get traded at the draft, Other possible deals, Preview the NBA draft, Embiid has foot fracture, who do Cavs take number one? Would LeBron actually opt out and leave Miami?

-World Cup: Rusty Silber will join us. USA blows a win against Portugal, Costa Rica advances, England out. A newfound like for soccer.

-Tennis-Wimbledon starts, predictions. The beauty of Wimbledon

*Our good friend Geoff Discher will join us to talk about a multitude of things as well!


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